Sunday, May 3, 2009


Last night I went to berlin raceway the night started off with heats and aulstrailan pusuit. Then after a break the 4 cylinder cars ( which sound like loudbees had a 15 lap wreck fest )that a guy who spun ended up winning then came a 25 lap race started with super stocks and had a big wreck which allowed a late pass. Next a 75 lap race which was wres early then the 76 (his sister was in front of us) Took the lead with 10 to go and rode to victory.Then 3 heats of 5 lap burning rubber no catoin school bus races.At the end of heat 1 they pulled abumper off 1. Then in heat 2 one bus lost the hood and won when a bus tried to flip himself. Then in the last heat the busses went to early as they went 5 wide (you cant do that in super stocks) as the last race ended a got to the car. And listened to the end of the race and was disgusted to hear that gordon was 8th and kyle bush won.

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