Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I today was elected to represent Mrs. Chambers 6Th grade class on the 6Th grade student council. I spent a week preparing for election day. In honor of the election here is a encore of one of the videos on Autoform cup.


  1. Nate, I think your blog is great. I'm forwarding this to Mrs. Chambers. She'll love it too.

    I also might need your help Nate. I'm trying to post video on the side bar of our team blog. I'd like to add some student videos, like the stories that were created and even projects like your car race, but I'm having troubles posting the video other that in my "post" area. Have any suggestions? Come see me if you have a fix.

    Mr. Hickok

  2. YOU!!! are the BESTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

    your old gram

  3. That's awesome news! Great job! We're so proud of you, too!

    <3, AJ (and UP, too) :)